After School Sports

We focus on sportsmanship and fair play as we instruct the children in a calm and supportive atmosphere and our number one goal is to have fun.

After School Program

The emphasis is on baseball and soccer in all of our after school sports programs. The instruction and games are age appropriate with our older members receiving instruction and playing games according to their abilities while our younger children are taught the basics of catching and throwing while learning the basic rules.

Older groups sometimes play touch-football or basketball as well. All our groups play games such as dodgeball and capture the flag to spice up the day and have fun! Our youngest members participate in age appropriate activities that keep their interest while developing skills.

We spend most of our time playing at Randalls Island but occasionally use Central Park or Morningside Park. On rainy or cold days we use several neighborhood gyms.



If you do not see your school listed please contact us about attending our after school sports programs.

The Dalton School
The Dalton School

Pick-ups are on Wednesdays at 2:50 and we return the children to your home after 5:00.

The Episcopal School
The Episcopal School

Pick-ups are on Thursdays for the children who go to school in the morning. They are picked up at school at 11:30 and we return them to your home after 1:50.

On Tuesdays, children who go to school in the afternoon are picked up at home between 9:15 and 9:50 and we bring them to their classrooms at 12:30.

Don’t forget to pack a lunch!

The Brick Church School
Brick Church School

Pick-ups are on Fridays at noon and we return the children to your home after 2:15.

Don’t forget to pack a lunch!

The Collegiate School
Collegiate School

We pick up at Collegiate two days each week.

Tuesdays: Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders, 3:00 pick-up, home after 5:00

Thursdays: Third and Fourth Graders, 3:00 pick-up, home after 5:00

The Allen-Stevenson School
The Allen-Stevenson School

We are at Allen-Stevenson twice on Wednesdays.

We pick-up the kindergarten at 2:00 and at 3:00 for first grade and up.

We start our drop offs at home at 5:00.

PS6 School

Pick-ups are on Wednesdays at 2:30 and we bring the children home after 5:00.

Saint David's School
Saint David's School

Pick-ups are on Wednesdays for the 2:30 Kindergarten dismissal and we bring the boys home after 5:00.

We can pick-up the Pre-K on Mondays at noon.

These boys bring lunch with them and return home after 2:15.

The Browning School
The Browning School

We are at Browning on Mondays at 3:00 for first through third graders. We return home after 5:00

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